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RAW Customer Returns Job Lot Pallet - Fake Plants & Paddling Pools - 47 Items - RRP €1123.1

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Title Qty Unit Price Total Price ASIN EAN
Bambus Kunstpflanze Kunstbaum K nstliche Zimmerpflanze mit Echtholzstamm, Balkon Terrasse Sichtschutz Bambus, H he 3 Feet 91CM 2 St ck 1 €79.99 €79.99 B098N9B9N7 N/A
44CM K nstliche Orchideen Phalaenopsis Kunstblumen wie Echt Dekorative Orchidee Bonsai Kunstpflanze Arrangement im Keramiktopf f r Tisch Wohnzimmer Wohnkultur Dekoration 1 €43.99 €43.99 B08RJ2MD1B 769121748962
43CM Kunstpflanze Bambus K nstliche Pflanzen Bonsai im Schwarzen Keramiktopf Kunstbambus Zimmerpflanze f r Badzimmer, Esszimmer, Wohnzimmer Dekoration 1 €28.99 €28.99 B0BGWPFBKG N/A
3 St ck K nstliche Pflanzen Sukkulenten Kunstpflanze Dekopflanze Balkon Badezimmer Deko K nstliche Sukkulenten im Topf auf Holzkiste 1 €27.99 €27.99 B08SW6SX5Z 734137567043
Kunstblume mit Vase 6 Bl te K nstliche Kamelie Blumen Wie Echt Kunstpflanzen Blumengesteck Deko mit Kunstwasser, Hochzeitsdeko Fensterbank Tisch Badzimmer B ro Dekoration 1 €26.99 €26.99 B0BGRT87D8 N/A
Briful 16 Eukalyptus K nstlicher Kranz Gr nkranz Kunstpflanze Dekorative K nstliche H ngende T rkranz Wandkranz Sch ne Deko f r T r Wand Fenster Dekoration 1 €26.99 €26.99 B08NPS7Z1T 791590409204
Jiosdo Paddling Pool - 150cm Large Inflatable Children s Pool Family Pool Baby Pool Children s Paddling Pool, Rectangle Family Swimming Pool with Inflatable Soft Floor for Summer, Water Fun Blue 9 €26.99 €242.91 B09DV3RNQ6 793420054202
Briful 3er Set Kunstblumen K nstliche Orchideen Kunstblumen Wie Echt Dekoblumen mit Glasvase Bad Deko Kunstpflanze f r Wohnzimmer Party B ro Badzimmer 1 €24.99 €24.99 B0BN78P5MC N/A
Briful Kunstpflanze H ngepflanze K nstliche Topfpflanze Korallenkaktus Kunst Rhipsalis Zimmer Wand Deko, H he 35.5 cm, in H ngeampel 1 €23.99 €23.99 B08XYT8BYG N/A
Briful Kunstblume mit Vase K nstliche Rosen Hortensien Kunstrosen Blumengesteck Kunstpflanzen Deko im Glastopf mit Kunstwasser Hochzeitsdeko Fensterbank Tisch Badzimmer Herbst Dekoration 1 €23.99 €23.99 B08RMM8ZSQ 737728259327
W schekorb Aufbewahrungskorb aus Baumwolle Seil W schesammler Geflochten Korb Baby Spielzeug-Aufbewahrungsbeh lter mit Griff f r Wohnzimmer Kinderzimmer Badzimmer 28x28CM 1 €20.16 €20.16 B08NVN4GWZ 791590407606
Briful K nstliche Palmwedel Kunstpflanze Palme Textilpalmwedel Set mit 6 St ck L nge ca. 31-45 cm 1 €19.99 €19.99 B08T96ZZQ3 752565883511
K nstliche Lavendel Blumen Kunstpflanzen Kunstblumen Flocked Kunststoff Lavendel in Verzinktem Metall Topf Indoor Outdoor Home K che B ro Tischdekoration Dekor 1 €19.99 €19.99 B08RHNQZN5 749043538193
Briful K nstliches Pampasgras Grasbusch Decorative Kunstpflanze Kunstgras Dekogras Dekopflanze Ziergras im Schwarzen Kunststofftopf 1 €19.99 €19.99 B08P46W1DH 791590407828
3PCS Sukkulenten K nstlich Kunstpflanze Deko Pflanze im Glastopf Dekorative Mini Sukkulenten Zimmerpflanze f r Badezimmer Balkon Schlafzimmer Wohnzimmer Schreibtisch Dekoration 1 €19.99 €19.99 B09337D915 N/A
Jiosdo Paddling Pool, 120x27cm Inflatable Children s Pool Baby Pool Children s Paddling Pool Round Swimming Pool Family Pool Inflatable Bathtub with Free Air Pump, Blue 20 €19.99 €399.8 B09G69TL75 793420054240
Briful K nstliche Pflanzen Ficus Pumila H ngepflanze Zimmer Wand Deko Aesthetic Kunstpflanze, H he 35.5 cm, in H ngeampel 1 €19.43 €19.43 B08XYSJF72 N/A
Briful K nstliche Zimmerpflanze Kamelie Kunstpflanze Camellia Japonica im Kunststofftopf Dekorative Seidenblumen Kamelie Kunstblumen f r Home Hotel Dekoration 2 €17.99 €35.98 B08RN87LMG 786194648128
Briful K nstliche Pflanzen H ngepflanze Senecio H nger Sukkulenten K nstlich Wanddeko Kunstblumen Kunstpflanzen, H he 35.5 cm, in H ngeampel 1 €16.95 €16.95 B08XYTB3YJ N/A
  • Items are untested and unsorted by Jobalots and may be damaged, coming directly from the source company.
  • All products will need to be checked, and in some cases repaired to current safety standards before resale.
  • No warranty/guarantee on any items.
  • Products might have missing parts.
  • Perishable products may have exceeded their expiry/use-by dates.
  • Please note that size, colour, and style may vary.
  • Products could arrive with international plugs.
  • Please note that the total inventory or RRP of your order may vary +/- 10%
  • Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Terms of Auction

  • Please note that these are online only auctions, sites visits are not authorised. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • Please download the ‘full manifest’ to discover the contents of the job lot you are interested in. Manifests are provided as a guide to what might be contained within the job lot. Job lots without manifests will be sold as unmanifested stock, no further details on the contents can be given other than those provided on the listing.
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  • Do not redistribute any products before they have arrived with you as inventory may vary and/or items might need repairs.
  • All sales are final, does not take any responsibility for discrepancies in quality or quantity of the manifest. By making a purchase, you the buyer take full responsibility, and understand that we do not accept returns for the job lots sold by us.
  • By creating an account and/or placing a bid through Jobalots, you agree to have your registered payment card debited in the event of payment not being received within the advised payment period.
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  • Popcorn bidding applies to all of our auctions. Popcorn bidding is last minute bidding that causes the auction end date to be extended. This prevents sniping and allows everyone an opportunity to bid before the auction closes.





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