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Who we are?

Jobalots is a leading trade-to-trade company in customer returns pallets, closeouts, clearances, surplus and overstock. Our company operates in the EU and has an infrastructure of 4700m2; approx. 2000 pallet spaces. Our expertise and excellent relationships with various logistics companies allow us to send you pallets quickly, efficiently and at the best possible price - which is reflected in our competitive prices.

Why are we here?

Here at Jobalots we have identified an opportunity to offer the most competitive margins in the field of customer returns, closeouts, clearance, overage and overstock! Our know-how in warehouse management and the excellent cooperation with forwarding and logistics companies allow us to convert our savings into competitive margins for you!

Who they are?

Our wide range of products is suitable for dealers, marketplace sellers, eBayers and flea market sellers. We sell remaining stock pallets in all categories to retailers, so there is something suitable for everyone. If you haven't bought a pallet from us before, visit our Terms & Conditions page for more information so you know exactly how we work and what to expect when you buy one of our pallets.

What we can do for you.

Our goal is to provide our customers with returns, closeouts, clearance, surplus and overstock pallets at the most competitive margins in the industry.





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