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RAW Customer Returns Job Lot Pallet - Coffee Grinder, Soap Dispensers, Pasta Machines, Abdominal Trainers, Cast Iron Dishes - 69 Items - RRP €3110.86

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Title Qty Unit Price Total Price ASIN EAN
9.5 Ft 2.9 M Wedding Arch, Metal Air Balloon Curved Round Arch Decoration Kit Diy, Iron Wedding Arch Birthday Party Balloon for Birthday Party Props Christmas Wedding Arch Frame 1 €129.99 €129.99 B0B3TGYBWQ N/A
Infrared heater free-standing unit with thermostat, convector free-standing heater, infrared heater energy-saving mobile economical electric heating, large rooms convection heater with clothes rail 800W 1 €119.0 €119.0 B0BF94F83H N/A
550 Watt Cordless Chainsaw Mini Motor Chainsaw One Hand Saw Wood Cutting Electric Included One Hand Portable Hand Held Used for Garden Pruning Shrub Pruning Branch Pruning Wood Pruning 1 €85.98 €85.98 B09DCX1G1W N/A
Cast iron casserole 6L casserole cast iron casserole red - casserole casserole Frying Pan saucepan Braised or roasted dishes, stew, bread baking Dutch Oven Oven-safe enamel 6 €72.97 €437.82 B09NNFWPX8 3760289371068
URCheers 10 x wall panels, 3D wallpaper wall panels self-adhesive wall covering stone look for bathrooms, balconies, kitchens, 77 x 70 cm, natural 2 €60.99 €121.98 B09J18ZZT3 770651677448
Electric Faucet 220V, Fast Electric Water Heater, Small Instantaneous Water Heater Electric Instantaneous Water Heater Smart Heater for Kitchen, Garden, Bathroom, Caravan Side Water Inlet 2 €60.0 €120.0 B09PDWMMYM N/A
VEOFIT abdominal muscles belt EMS abdominal trainer for weight loss firms, strengthens and tightens the abdomen, back, arms, thighs, calves with fitness and nutrition manual and transport bag black 5 €49.97 €249.85 B07XJMZ965 3760289370214
Rotary Brush for Karcher K Deck Wall Patio Cleaner Rotary Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner for Karcher K Series K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 Electric Pressure Washers 1 €45.99 €45.99 B09X2XKFTY N/A
Manual pasta machine with dryer - multi-pasta stainless steel Italian flat dough machine 7 adjustable levels, sharp knife clamp - fresh homemade pasta, spaghetti, lasagne 5 €45.97 €229.85 B08BRH4GQF 3760289370313
Switch-plug combination 400v, compatible original KEDU KOA7 device switch machine switch, compatible log splitter, phase inverter, 380 400 V 3 phases with 0.6 m cable, combined emergency stop flap 2 €44.99 €89.98 B0BJK5FN8D N/A
Soap Dispenser, Shampoo Gel Dispenser, Conditioner Liquid Pump, Wall Mounted Large Capacity Hand Sanitizer Bottle 1500ml 3 €43.99 €131.97 B09KRZMQ1T N/A
Puppy Feeder Milk, Bubble Milk Bowl Silicone, 3 Pet Nipples for Doggie Cat Grooming Station Newborn Pets Kitten Puppy Feeding Bowl White 2 €42.99 €85.98 B0B2RG38GQ N/A
Coffee grinder Electric - Blade Powerful - grind coffee beans spices herbs nuts grains 16 €39.97 €639.52 B08238YY3C 3760289370306
WMLBK 3D Moonlight Quran Speaker, Bluetooth Quran Speaker APP Remote Control Small Moonlight Smart Touch LED Lamp with Bluetooth Eid Mubarak Hajj Gifts 5 €38.99 €194.95 B091565PTP 732489683060
VeoHome French Press coffee maker coffee pot unbreakable and keeps your coffee warm for a long time thanks to the double cover 1 liter 1 €38.97 €38.97 B06XFMJZL4 3770005503505
Multifunctional Angle Grinder Polishing, Drawing Machine Angle Grinder Polishing Machine Accessories Polishing Wheel Replacement Metal Steel Wood Grinder M14 Replacement, Motor Technics for Wood Angle Grinder 1 €35.99 €35.99 B09YYNPQMH N/A
Pour over coffee kettle gooseneck coffee maker teapot coffee kettle hot water kettle stainless steel, thermometer on the lid for all stove types durable and easy to clean,1 L 1 €34.97 €34.97 B09KV3FLPN 3760289371037
Teapot made of stainless steel 0.5L - With tea egg for loose tea Strainer insert - The double-walled insulation keeps tea warm longer 0.5L 1 €29.97 €29.97 B09KV4L65N 3760289371044
1 x Stainless Steel Watering Can Mini Modern Style Small Watering Can for Plants and Indoor Succulents 1000ml Rose Gold 1 €26.99 €26.99 B09M9ZQJWN N/A
Set of 3 Wall Art Posters, Annual Ring Lines Wall Art Pictures Posters and Prints Art Home Decoration Frameless for Living Room Without Frame 40 x 50 cm 1 €23.99 €23.99 B09MKK8RWN N/A
Modern Minimalist Abstract Sculpture,Handicraft Decoration Living Room Wine Cabinet Bedroom Room,Office Room Decoration 28.5 11 10 2 €23.99 €47.98 B09DD227G8 N/A
Pastry Press, Pastry Syringe Stainless Steel Mold Maker Baking Set Decorating Machine Icing Machine for Cake Cookies DIY, 13 Stencils, 8 Nozzles 1 €23.09 €23.09 B09M3Y8XK7 N/A
VEOFIT neoprene pants thermo leggings L women - sweat pants for weight loss tightens and helps to remove excess water for firmer skin and a slimmer silhouette 1 €22.97 €22.97 B01HPFCGYA 3770005503352
VEOFIT neoprene pants thermal leggings XXXL women - sweat pants for slimming tightens and helps to remove excess water for firmer skin and a slimmer silhouette 1 €22.97 €22.97 B01HPFCFNM 3770005503383
Loupes with Light, Presbyopia Glasses 0-400 Myopia Glasses 4.0X 250 , Rechargeable Loupes for Reading, Hobbies and Near Work, Hands Free Loupes 1 €21.16 €21.16 B09DL66SD3 N/A
Stainless Steel Wine Glasses, 1 PCS Red Wine Glass with Metal Stem Shatterproof for White Wine Red Wine Cocktail Glasses 500ML Silver Tone Red Wine Glasses for Gift Black or Gold Plated - Random 1 €20.99 €20.99 B09DYLFBYK N/A
Plastic Refillable Coffee Capsule Cups Reusable Coffee, Refillable Coffee Capsules for Boschs. Compatible with Tassimo machines with readable barcode Orange, 60ml 1 €19.99 €19.99 B09K7J8BT9 N/A
Pastry Press, Cookie Press Garnishing Syringe Pastry Syringe Biscuit Maker, Stainless Steel DIY Baking Accessories Garnishing Syringe with 8 Stencils and 8 Nozzles for Cake Biscuit DIY 1 €19.99 €19.99 B09M3VNG7M N/A
1700ml PP Bonsai Watering Can Pot, Detachable Long Spout Watering Can Small Watering Kettle for Indoor and Outdoor Use Dark Blue 1 €18.99 €18.99 B09JZC5VSC N/A
French Fries Basket, Frying Basket Stainless Steel Frying Baskets Small French Fries Basket Mini Fryer Basket with Handle for French Fries Shrimp Onion Rings, 10 x 8.3 x 13 cm 8 Pieces 1 €18.99 €18.99 B09J2KQ35F 770651254458
  • Items are untested and unsorted by Jobalots and may be damaged, coming directly from the source company.
  • All products will need to be checked, and in some cases repaired to current safety standards before resale.
  • No warranty/guarantee on any items.
  • Products might have missing parts.
  • Perishable products may have exceeded their expiry/use-by dates.
  • Please note that size, colour, and style may vary.
  • Products could arrive with international plugs.
  • Please note that the total inventory or RRP of your order may vary +/- 10%
  • Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Terms of Auction

  • Please note that these are online only auctions, sites visits are not authorised. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • Please download the ‘full manifest’ to discover the contents of the job lot you are interested in. Manifests are provided as a guide to what might be contained within the job lot. Job lots without manifests will be sold as unmanifested stock, no further details on the contents can be given other than those provided on the listing.
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  • Do not redistribute any products before they have arrived with you as inventory may vary and/or items might need repairs.
  • All sales are final, does not take any responsibility for discrepancies in quality or quantity of the manifest. By making a purchase, you the buyer take full responsibility, and understand that we do not accept returns for the job lots sold by us.
  • By creating an account and/or placing a bid through Jobalots, you agree to have your registered payment card debited in the event of payment not being received within the advised payment period.
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  • Popcorn bidding applies to all of our auctions. Popcorn bidding is last minute bidding that causes the auction end date to be extended. This prevents sniping and allows everyone an opportunity to bid before the auction closes.





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