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Brand New Job Lot Pallet - Catheter Bag Covers - 37 Items - RRP €1331.63

Vendor: Jobalots

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Weight (Volumetric): 156.0 kg

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SKU: RED1394

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Title Qty Unit Price Total Price ASIN EAN
Catheter Bag Cover, Drainage Bag Cover with Detachable Tube Wrap, Urine Bag Cover, Foley Catheter Abdominal Drain Conceal Holder with Inspection Window 9x13 inch 37 €35.99 €1331.63 B092HLHKJ7 N/A
  • Pallet of Brand new items
  • All products will need to be checked, and in some cases repaired to current safety standards before resale.
  • No warranty/guarantee on any items in the pallets.
  • Perishable products may have exceeded their expiry/use-by dates.
  • Please note that size, colour, and style may vary.
  • Products could arrive with international plugs.
  • Please note that the total inventory or RRP of your order may vary +/- 10%
  • Images are for illustrative purposes only.





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